Griha Pravesh Puja


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A house being an enclosed space is an embodied energy like a living organism. Griha pravesh puja is performed to purify the environment and enhance the life energy of the house, so that people who live in the house would naturally move towards wellbeing. Griha pravesh puja is a form of space consecration. By performing this puja and vastu puja we are offering a penance or prayaschit to pacify the pain caused to all the trees, insects, and other life forms that got killed or displaced by the construction of this house. The five elements, air, water, earth, fire, and space are present in all the directions of our living spaces and the imbalance of these elements can lead to ill health. The Dikpalaka puja balances the elements in all directions to bring harmony.


All views about the puja are based on Karishye’s research and learnings. We make no claim that our view is the only right or superior one.

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