Who is a Pujari?

Someone who takes us from nothing to profoundness. One who has dedicated his life to studying a certain branch of the vedas and the art of performing pujas – “the science of consecrating energy into an inanimate object using mantras and conducting prayers for the betterment of the society or a family”

Being a pujari is not just about possessing the knowledge, the memory of the scriptures and the know-how of performing rituals. While this is essential, there is so much more.

As a pujari, one comes in regular contact with energy and uses vedic methods to derive benefits from them. He accepts donations from families in the form of rice, money etc, and helps these individuals come out of a certain issue or help them move closer to a particular objective. But in return, he reaches home, fasts at times, performs vedic mantra chantings for multiples of thousands of times, in order to surrender the karma that he himself has accumulated in the process.

In order to be able to do this, the pujari himself must be in a certain state of righteousness, a certain state of ‘tapas’. He must be practising constant rituals of his own in order to ensure that these activities do not negatively impact his own personal life. It is therefore said that certain homas or special types of pujas can only be performed by priests with the relevant ‘tapas’ and ‘anushtana’.

So in essence, being a good pujari is not just about education or experience. It is about an inner mental state. A state of calmness, of kindness towards others, a state of selflessness while praying for the betterment of others. As Karishye, we wish and humbly submit ourselves to almighty that he guides us to such people to work along side us.

Recruiting a Pujari @ Karishye

  • We accept applications from anyone irrespective of age, school of study etc
  • We check via references to understand their skill and experience
  • We are constantly looking for priests who know their vedas well and are calm and soft natured
  • We believe that a right pujari can play a big role in the spiritual upliftment of families and the society

Pujaris @ Karishye

We are excited to provide various benefits to the pujaris working along side us and supporting us.

Health insurance with coverage for all their immediate family members

Empowering the pujaris with technology and connecting with customers from all parts of the world

Continuous learning programs for those who wish to study more

Mentorship, opportunities and career guidance to pass outs from vedic schools

‘Gurur bramha, Gurur Vishnuhu, Gurur devo maheshwaraha. Gurur sakshat parabramha, tasmaisri guravenamaha’.

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