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We hope that this platform can allow the current and future generations to access the work done by the rishis for their benefit and upliftment.  We just started and we pray that the god in everyone helps us get there.

Our Mission & Vision


Create an ecosystem of products and services that deliver the profound riches in sanatana dharma to current and future generations


Making spiritual journeys more accessible, interesting and successful for all

What led to starting karishye?

Sanatana dharma literally means ‘a way of leading life that is coming from time immemorial’ . This dharma (which is largely but a tad incorrectly referred to as a religion called Hinduism) puts forth a set of rituals and practices, which when followed rightly by a household, has the ability to bring great prosperity, health and happiness. At the same time, these rituals slowly start creating an state of persistent inner peace, calmness and sensitivity towards all other life forms and start filling one’s life with content and gratitude.

There are more than a billion people on the planet, who are already within the fold of ‘sanatana dharma’ and follow several rituals in the form of festivals, pujas to mark special occasions, temple visits etc. Karishye’s main intention is to use modern technology and management to bring out the logic and clarity behind the various rituals and practices so that they can become powerful tools for one’s transformation.

Our aim is to create a strong successful tech firm we can attract the best talent in the world to work on this problem, not just now, but for generations to come. And that excites us more than anything else. With Karishye, we hope that a lot more people come to appreciate and utilize these vedic rituals for their own betterment.


It’s our privilege to serve you!

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