Puja to create enhanced life energy, so that the people who live in the house would naturally move towards wellbeing


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  • Gruhapravesha is a form of space consecration to remove all negative energies, after which one may enter their new house
  • We are also offering a sense of prayaschit and homage to all the plants, insects and other life forms that might have gotten displaced, or killed during the construction of this house
  • The five elements, air, water, earth, fire, and space are present in all the directions of our living spaces and the imbalance of these elements can lead to ill health. Dikpalaka puja balances the elements in all directions to bring harmony.
  • Vastu Puja and Vastu Shanti are performed among others as part of Griha Pravesh. Vastu is the material with which the house is created and the energy acquired by the specific architectural arrangement of the property. This energy is felt as the “vibes” that people feel when entering this space. Even a dense matter is open to some degree of interaction, and Vastu Puja is a way to interact with the material world, so that it responds to our needs, to facilitate happiness.


All views about the puja are based on Karishye’s research and learnings. We make not claims that our view is only the right or superior one

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