Vinayaka is prepared using river clay and worshipped with 21 ayurvedic patri. After the leaves have fully dried up, the nimarjan is performed back into waters. The ayurvedic properties of the herbs help cattle and others relying on the water for drinking and cleaning purposes

Machi Patram Purification Air and Water
Brihathi Patram Women Post delivery
Bilva patram Purifies water even stagnant
Durvara Patram Skin diseases
Dattura Patram Poison effects removal
Badari patram Improves cow fodder
Apamarga Patram Poison effects removal
Tulasi patram Purification Air and Water
Choota Patram Throat diseases
Karaveera Patram Lice
Vishnu Kranta Patram Memory
Daadimee Patram Pregnancy protection
Devadaaru Patram Insect and mosquito repellent
Maruvaka patram Heart diseases
Sindhuvara Patram Poison effects removal
Jaji Patram Cure Indigestion
Gandaki Patram / Jambeera Skin diseases
Shami Patram Hair removal purification from water
Aswatha Patram Good for animals goats
Arjuna Patram Wounds septics
Arka Patram Poison effects removal

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