9×5 Manchi Pancha Pancha / Dhoti is a traditional garment worn during pujas, religious ceremonies and rituals,. In Sanatana Dharma, every matter including inanimate objects, is recognized to have come from energy. They carry their own karmic footprint and aura. Pancha which is weaved as a single garment, is most conducive for keeping our mind active and absorbed during vedic rituals. Hence it is the suggested wear during all procedures and even during temple darshans. Pancha is also used as a deeksha vastram (a piece of cloth that the doer of the puja must use throughout the puja procedure spanning several days). Pancha is also a symbol of reverence and respect, purity and simplicity which are essential elements of the Hindu religious practice. It is hence offered with gratitude to the pujari or elders during certain occasions

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