“Ganga jal” refers to the holy water of the Ganges River, which is considered very sacred in Hinduism. The Ganges River is believed to be a goddess in Hindu mythology, and her water is said to have purifying and healing properties,In Hindu pooja (worship), Ganga jal is used for various purposes. It is often used to purify the area where the pooja is taking place, as well as the items used in the pooja such as the idol or picture of the deity, the pooja thali (plate), and the flowers and fruits offered to the deity. It is also used to purify the person performing the pooja, by sprinkling a few drops on the hands or face,Ganga jal is also offered to the deities as a part of the pooja ritual. It is believed that offering Ganga jal to the deity is equivalent to offering the waters of the Ganges, which is said to wash away all sins and purify the soul

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