Pure Organic Pista / Pistachios – High Grade

When preparing naivedyam / prasadam for deity such as ladoo, kheer etc, the offering is made rich and wholesome through additions of dry fruits such as pista. Eeshwara usually does not accept the prasad physically i.e in other words, the prasadam does not disappear from our physical realm, however, through eeshawara’s gaze, the offering is blessed and is then offered to the devotees.
The high quality ingredients serve the devotees physically and spiritually. At a physical plane, science helps us measure the nutrition value,. At a spiritual plane, the super science of vedas and rishi vyakhya comes to our aid 🙂

Ingredients like dry fruits are, at times, also included as part of offering to homam etc.. to match the intensity of mantra repetitions and the need to satisfy with a more wholesome offering. Depending on the region and times we are living in, different ingredients are selected and employed for the desired result. The concept of offering an item into fire, in order to make it reach the realm of devatas through havyavahana (agni devata) is a very subtle one. Do refer to Karishye Youtube channel for more detailed explanation regarding the same.

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