May 10, 2022

Why Do We Do Puja? The Importance of Puja in Our Lives

Puja is an essential ingredient of sanatana dharma. As individuals, knowing the importance of puja is vital. Puja is the act of offering invocations, prayers, songs, and rituals to a god, a spirit, or another part of the divine.

The whole process of puja is an intricately designed one, where we use mantras to invoke cosmic life energy into any object or idol of choice and then we offer our prayers to seek the required blessings. Making a connection with the divine in order to fulfil material desires while also making spiritual progress is the core concept of puja.

We are all so used to the act of different types of puja, but still curious to know why we do puja. So, please keep reading to find out the purpose and benefits of Puja.

What is Puja?

A Puja is an offering of worship to a deity which can vary from brief daily rituals to an elaborate scale in a temple. It is a systematic approach to using ancient methods of Sanatana dharma to gain health, success, and happiness for our current life and beyond.

Puja is a ceremony or ritual in which we make sacrifices to a god in exchange for blessings or good fortune in the form of a prasadam. It is a symbolic way of expressing devotion to a deity and sacrificing oneself before the altar as a sign of genuine worship. We often repeat spiritual phrases or mantras during a Puja to help us connect with God and calm our minds.

Who Performs Puja?

Another important aspect is how to do puja. Puja can be performed at home by anyone who has faith and believes in a god, scripture, or Guru. However, there are Pujaris, or priests, who have studied the scriptures and earned wisdom to lead us in performing particular rites. They assist us in comprehending the significance of these rituals, ways to do puja, items used in puja, puja vidhi at home, puja process and pooja mandirs, as well as why Puja is vital so that we can conduct them with the utmost faith.

Who do you offer Puja?

The importance of puja finds its origin in ancient India where rishis recognised that a man’s body and mind are just temporary, but his Atma, or inner self, is eternal and unconstrained. All spiritual seekers strive for this internal condition since it is in this state that a person can see his true everlasting self.

What is the purpose of Puja?

What is pujaThe reason is simple: “”Pu”” means “”to purify”” or “”to cleanse,”” and “”ja”” signifies “”birth.”” As a result, when you perform Puja, you purify your body, mind, and intellect, effectively giving yourself a new birth. Your body, mind, and soul are all united during a Puja, and it is an excellent technique to discipline yourself and focus your mind.

Why do we do Puja? Benefits and Importance of Puja

The puja ceremony is a symbolic proclamation of love, devotion, and allegiance to God. It is an opportunity to communicate directly with the divine. Here both the mind and the body are fully engaged. So, what are the advantages of puja?

  • The reasoning behind worship comes from a discipline designed to ensure man’s spiritual growth irrespective of his caste and race.
  • Physical science, through its technology, helps build a good house, advanced gadgets, and a healthy external environment. In the same way, the science of spirituality helps create a healthy internal environment and a hope to achieve total life fulfilment.

It is also an act of sacrifice and generosity that incorporates parts of karma yoga, jnana yoga, buddhi yoga, sannyasa yoga, and atma samyama yoga into a holistic approach. It cultivates discipline, attention, devotion, purity, and tranquillity when practised frequently.

We perform Puja for a variety of reasons. The importance of puja is listed below:

  • Numerous negative influences threaten our serenity and happiness. Performing Puja can defeat these forces.
  • If a person wishes to progress on the spiritual path, he must revere that which assists him in achieving his aim of spiritual prosperity.
  • Worship is about beginning a new business, building a house or something similar for some travel events, examinations, and marriages, among other things and there is no best time to do puja, but every day.
  • A major importance of puja is that it helps to create favorable vibrations in the home to make occupants’ lives tranquil and trouble-free.
  • In offices and workplaces, we perform Puja and Homam to create a pleasant atmosphere so that company can run smoothly with physical wealth.
  • Puja and Homam must be performed during the wedding because the newlyweds require all of the gods’ blessings for a joyful and fruitful marriage.
  • It’s also beneficial if you’re suffering from a significant ailment that affects your body, mind, or spirit.

Conclusion: Why Is Puja Important

We offer our worship to achieve spiritual growth. We have an old concept: devotees who perform Puja and pray to the Divine never return empty-handed. Perfect devotion and hard work, together with repeated efforts, contribute to your success in life and help you achieve your goals.

Just like how modern science helps us make advanced gadgets and a healthy external environment, the science of prayer helps us create a healthy internal environment. The importance of puja is vital and puja is an essential aspect of life. It is necessary for preserving spirituality and receiving the blessings of the Almighty.

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