Can pujas lead to fame, money, health, success
Jun 11, 2022

Can pujas lead to money, health, success? Or is it just a myth

This is a common question in all our minds.. . How can a puja, doing some action with mantras sitting somewhere, lead to jobs, children, business improvement, and health? How is it possible? 

What leads to jobs, business improvements, and children. Better health etc.

It’s our action. Isn’t it? It’s not some puja

If one studies well, they get a job

If one works hard, then businesses can thrive

Health is in our own hands, our diet, our exercise etc.

This seems to be a logical argument and in fact it is not totally wrong. However, there is something else that is beyond our hands, our efforts, that can lead to success or not.

Let’s look at our life closely. Are we truly the masters of everything that happens to us?

Aren’t there thousands and millions of events happening in the world around us to make a particular moment differently?

How many business deals happen due to friendships forged earlier? Who decides that two people should meet during school and become friends?

Coincidence or fate, we call this. However, an undeniable fact is that every animate and inanimate object we see around us, every occurrence, physical or metaphysical, is ultimately the dance of the same cosmic energy.

Happenings far far away, thoughts of other individuals whom we have never met, the way our neurons fire at a certain moment in time, everything can define a completely different future.

So is puja alone enough to succeed? Definitely not !

Pujas are intricate procedures designed to arrange energies in a certain way for a specific action to happen smoothly, make us pass through a particular phase in life, or create a wish of ours come true.

This, however, does not mean that human effort is not needed. Both help each other hand in hand.

Man’s will and divine blessing have to come together for any significant event. A puja is not mandatory to achieve success. At the same time, it is not dismissable either.

So, should we believe in pujas or not?

Let us not accept that they do just because someone said so.

At the same time, let us not dismiss them just because we can’t see or understand what is happening in the mantras and Vedas.

If you are in a particular phase of life where you wish for support or face an issue you want to overcome, try the puja yourself and see if it works. Like a true seeker of truth, try it, experience it and then make your own choice. 

We hope this article helped you understand why puja is important. So let us not misunderstand people doing puja for wish fulfillment or puja for money or puja for getting a job etc.  

However if they are not taking the supportive action and simply praying for a miracle, that is definitely not what our rishis wanted to encourage.

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  1. Srikalahasti gopuram has no basement,. Works on center of gravity

    Surat has ichhadev mahadev temple. Viz nimishamba temple, mysore within one min ur wishes fulfilled.
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