why so many gods in hinduism
Jun 11, 2022

Why so many gods in Sanatana Dharma?

You may often ask yourself, “Why do we have so many gods and pujas in sanatana dharma? 

This universe that we are experiencing today has come from the same single big bang. In other words, the same cosmic energy dance manifests itself into the different matter to create this intricate cosmos. Everything from matter to antimatter, all the events, every moment we are experiencing, stems from the same fundamental, that has profoundly evolved into complex forms over billions of years

In their quest for spirituality, the great thinkers from ancient bharat, have found ways to go within and to tap into this fundamental.  Once they had the connection with this cosmic source, they could in effect, bring about any wish to happen.

Later, several of these rishis, dedicated their lifetimes in order to identify each particular type of energy with a particular deity. They also learned the art of  concrecrating this energy through mantras into a certain idol and thus were born temples. Certain vedic procedures were designed carefully to pray to these energy forms and get their aid in supporting life in various situations.  

In other words, the several gods and temples that we see around us are different manifestations of the same energy but each more potent and more suitable for a certain kind of intent, outcome etc.

We hope you were able to connect to this short, simple explanation that brings out how profound the thought process was around sanatana dharma. Next time you come across questions like ‘why are there many gods in hinduism’, ‘why are there so many gods in india’, you know the answer 🙂

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